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Marketing Strategies for the Small Business Owner

Some of my favorite local businesses have been around since before I was born. Sadly, a few years ago, a favorite clothing retailer in my hometown went out of business. After a large famous discount retailer opened a store in this town, the small clothing business couldn’t successfully compete with it. So, this local business was forced to shut its doors. Whenever I see the vacant building this store once occupied, I think about the importance of advertising. If this business had launched a smart advertising campaign after the large retail chain came into the area, it might have survived. Do you own a small business? If you’re a proud entrepreneur, you need to determine several outlets to successfully market your brand. On this blog, you will discover the best strategies to advertise a small business.

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Important Information To Include On Your Golf Course's Scorecards

If you work for a golf course and are tasked with replacing the old scorecards with someone more contemporary, this is a chance to really make this product shine — after all, it's apt to be in the hands of hundreds of golfers every day. The actual scoring section is the key element of any scorecard, but this document should also include your golf course's name, logo, website, phone number and other relevant information. Beyond these essentials, here are some other important details that you should make sure to fit on the scorecard.

Overhead View Of Each Hole

If you're able to make the space on the scorecard, it's ideal to have an overhead view of each hole. The images can be small, but their presence is something that the golfers who visit your golf course—especially for the first time—will appreciate. While golf courses typically have an overhead view diagram at the tee box, this is only helpful when golfers are teeing off. Once they've made their initial shot, they can consult the scorecard to refresh themselves on the layout of the hole that they're playing.

Local Rules

Golf is governed by a long list of universally accepted rules, but many courses also have a number of local rules that specifically relate to their course. Try to fit this short list on the rear of the scorecard; it will make life easier for the golfers and ideally mean that your course marshals don't have to be constantly enforcing the rules. Specific rules to include might focus on the pace of play; for example, you could suggest that the average golfer should be able to finish all 18 holes in four hours and 15 minutes. There might also be specific rules about the terrain; in Florida, for example, you might warn about the possibility of crocodiles in the areas around the water hazards.

Community Advertisements

An effective way of connecting with the local business community is to attempt to sell advertisements on your scorecards. Many golf courses do this, and it can serve as an effective way to generate income. Try to select businesses that pair well with the sport of golf. For example, think of restaurants that golfers might favor visiting after their round, or a local hotel or bed and breakfast that traveling golfers might wish to frequent. This not only benefits the golf course in terms of added income, but also provides added value for the golfers.

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