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Marketing Strategies for the Small Business Owner

Some of my favorite local businesses have been around since before I was born. Sadly, a few years ago, a favorite clothing retailer in my hometown went out of business. After a large famous discount retailer opened a store in this town, the small clothing business couldn’t successfully compete with it. So, this local business was forced to shut its doors. Whenever I see the vacant building this store once occupied, I think about the importance of advertising. If this business had launched a smart advertising campaign after the large retail chain came into the area, it might have survived. Do you own a small business? If you’re a proud entrepreneur, you need to determine several outlets to successfully market your brand. On this blog, you will discover the best strategies to advertise a small business.

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How To Make Your Organizational Transformation Positive And Successful

When you are in charge of your business and the time comes to make some major changes to keep your business open and successful, it can be a scary time for both you and your employees. Organizational transformations, often referred to as redesign, restructuring, and other such terms, can make your employees unsure of their position in the company and can even cause them to lose faith in the business as a whole. To prevent this from happening and to make your organizational transformation as positive and successful as possible, you will need to take steps to keep your employees from feeling this way. Get to know some of these steps you can take and get started as soon as possible.

Be Upfront With Your Employees About The Reasons For The Changes

Generally speaking, employees today are fairly worldly and savvy. They are going to know if you and your company are being dishonest with them or leaving out key information. So, be upfront with your employees about the reasons behind the changes you are making.

Organizational transformations occur for a wide variety of reasons, but if you do not tell your employee what those reasons are, they will assume the absolute worst. For example, if some of your lines of products or services are becoming obsolete due to changes in technology, explain that issue to your employees. Frame the organizational transformation as an opportunity for innovation and growth while also being truthful about your reasoning.

Let Your Employees Know They Will Play A Part In The Organizational Transformation

An organizational transformation requires an "all hands on deck" approach to business. This means every single person in the company need to know and understand the goal and their role in the process for it to be successful and positive.

When many employees hear about the major changes that will be made to the company that they work for, they may be unsure as to whether there will be a position or role for them in this process and in the "new" company when the transformation is complete. It is up to you to make sure that your employees know that they are vital to this process.

Depending on the size of your company, you will want to either sit down with every individual employee or with teams and departments of employees to discuss how the transformation will affect them directly and what their part in it will be. If an employee knows what their job will be in the process in an exact way and they know that they have a role to play, they will be much more positive and engaged in the process.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can make your organizational transformation positive and successful, you can get started in the process as soon as possible and take your business into its next phase.