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Tired Of Boring Fundraising Ideas? Get Items People Want And Need To Buy

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If you have a group, team, club or organization and all of your parents complain when it comes time to fundraise, discount gift card fundraising options are the way to go. These are items that make sense, and can help you raise a lot of money. The fundraiser will be for you to sell gift cards to different stores and retailers, and then you get a percentage of the gift card back. Some companies sell bulk packages of cards at a lower rate, so you get the difference when others pay full price for the cards. This is an easy item for you to sell, you don’t have to worry about large deliveries, and some companies allow the people to order the cards and have them shipped right to their home. Here are a few reasons to try gift cards. Everyone Spends Money Not everyone will buy candles, need wrapping paper, or want the other things that you will try to sell. People will always need groceries, gas, clothes and more. People can buy the gift cards to use on items that they were going to spend money on anyway, like their meals and other expenses. A lot of people also like to give gift cards out as gifts. Everyone spends money, so everyone can use a gift card. It’s Easy If you are delivering food, you have to worry about it spoiling or getting damaged, and if you are selling other items, you have to worry about damages during transportation. If you drop a box of candles, or a box of cookies accidentally melts in the car, you have to replace it. Gift cards are easy to order and pass out, and you can mail them to friends and family far away if you want. You can even find a company that lets others order their own online. Wide Selection of Vendors When you have a catalog of cookie dough, magazines, or other sales items for fundraising events, you have minimal selection of items. With gift cards, there are hundreds of vendors to choose from. You aren’t stuck choosing just clothes gift cards, or just toy gift cards. If fundraising around your area is getting dull and everyone is always going around selling the same things, it’s time to mix it up and get something that people really want to buy and use. Talk with vendors that will give you gift cards at a discounted rate so you can get money, or that will give you a percentage of the...

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